Team Member Benefits

Below is a description of Cymertek team member benefits

Cymertek Corporation wants to provide the highest quality of technology solutions to our clients, so we are always looking for highly skilled personnel to join our team. Please reach out to us any time with your resume, referrals, or any other questions you might have.


Cymertek has a 100% confidential submission and interview process. Send us your resume and we guarantee not to share it with anyone unless you tell us to do so. We understand that new employment is a delicate matter. Email your resume to today.

Excellent Salaries

Some of the top in the industry

Hourly Pay | EWW

We pay team members based on an hourly compensation model. This means that team members are always allowed Extended Work Week (EWW) when additional time is approved. This means that team members are compensated for all hours worked.

Flextime | Flexible Work Schedule

Job flexibility is important to our team members and often our customers. It allows team members to be more productive, more engaged, and helps with family obligations.

Paid Leave

  • 30 days paid leave (vacation, sick, holiday time)
  • No use or lose
  • We do not micro-manage your leave (between vacation, sick, or holiday time - use it as you see fit)!
  • Not everyone needs all of their leave. If not, you get paid out on it!

Plus Your Birthday Off

  • Take a day off in your birthday month and enjoy!

401(k) Retirement

401(k) Profit Sharing

Cymertek has implemented an team member profit sharing plan (diverts profits to team members based on current salary level and total billable hours taking into account overall team member contribution rate)!

Medical | Dental | Vision

  • 100% team member coverage. No cost for you ($1200 allowance - or a bonus).
  • Not everyone needs Medical. If not, you get a bonus!

Long Term Disability

  • 100% coverage. No cost to you.

Short Term Disability

  • 100% coverage. No cost to you.

Life Insurance

  • 100% coverage. No cost to you.

Life Insurance (Supplemental)

  • We offers supplemental insurance policies (additional coverage as needed)


  • Cymertek offers Health Savings Accounts (HSA's), Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA's), Dependent Care Flexible Spend Account (DCFSA), and Limited Purpose Flexible Spending Accounts (LPFSA's). Team members can contribute money from their benefits bonus or additional contributions as desired.

Bench Time Program

  • Job security is one of the biggest concerns for employees. The Cymertek Job Security / Bench Time Program virtually eliminates this concern. We have always covered team members during breaks in service, loss of position, etc.; to help reduce stress, retain talent, and provide continuity.

Paid Parental Leave (Maternity & Paternaty) | Bereavement | Jury Duty | Military Leave | Volunteer Leave

  • Team members are entitled to Cymertek-paid parental (maternity/paternity) leave of up to 6 weeks (240 hours) for the birth or adoption of a child. We also offer paid coverage for team members dealing with berevement events, calls for jury duty, and military deployments. Team members can participate in the volunteer time off plan, allowing paid leave time to directly participate in approved volunteer activities.

Paid Training

  • Paid training, books, materials, and certifications, all at 100% coverage.

Certification Bonus Program

We know that you work really hard when studying for a certification. So we offer a bonus to all team members who go after and successfully complete a certification that supports their career field.

Referral & Retention Bonus Program

  • Team members who refer qualified candidates earn up to a $10,000 bonus if the referral is hired.
  • Team members who refer candidates who are hired (once the original Referral Bonus is paid) will then also earn up to a $5,000 bonus annually providing both the team member and the team member referral remain employed by Cymertek.

Kudo's Awards Program

For team members who go above and beyond to recieve customer kudo's, we reward our team members with cash awards!

No long wordy reviews with tons of paperwork!!!

What's the point of a long wordy annual review consisting of mounds of paperwork? We think all the hard work you do on your tasks each day is testament to your skill set and determination. Each year Cymertek management will meet with you for a review of your status and work. We will do an efficient review of your skills, on-work performance, and overall satisfaction on your project. But that's not all....see open door policy below!

Charity Matching Program

Cymertek believes in giving back. Any team member who donates money to a tax deductible charity organization will have their donations matched ($1 for $1) up to $250.00 once every six months.

Open Door Policy!!!

Our door is always open to discuss the good and bad of every day work. Need to talk about that on-site problem? No sweat. Want to talk about a position change. Lets do it. We want our team members to be happy and satisfied. The only way to do that is to communicate on a regular basis. Email, call, text, or web chat...we want to hear!

Lunches, Happy Hours, and other fun Events

On top of our minimalistic reviews and open-door policy, we get together at times for ad-hoc lunches, happy hours, and fun events. Got something you like doing that you think other might like? Make a suggestion and maybe we can have an event around that!

Holiday Party

Once a year we do a group holiday party. Something fun where we can all relax with co-workers and family!